I have been dedicated to tennis since my youngest age when I started to take tennis courses in my hometown tennis club at Chambon sur Lignon (Haute-Loire). I was 5 years old. During all my childhood and teenagehood, I participated in many tournaments and won many prizes. As the game was evolving and I was breaking my rackets, I started to look deeplier into the material and got especially interested in the stringing. I ended up buying my own stringing machine in order to repair my rackets by myself. My passion did not stop there, little by little, I started to prepare my own rackets.

Few years later, with my high school diploma in hand, I settle in Clermont-Ferrand to follow sports University and obtain my Tennis Instructor Diploma in 2003. I taught this activity for many years and at the same time I worked in many different sports shops. It is also during this period that I took part in many Gran Slam tournaments such as Roland Garros, as part of the stringing team.

In 2006, I move to Lyon and join Babolat the next year. Inside the company, I am in charge of creating a whole new department dedicated to racket customization for professional players. During 7 years, I have followed about 130 players, including the best ones, for tests on courts, advices, and of course preparation of their equipment. I also became a trainer and travelled around the world to share my knowledge and experience with academies and federations.

My collegues and collaborators consider that I am an expert in this field and give me the nickname of "Doctor Cash" due to my minutious work and competencies. I am officially known as THE racket "reparator" !

Indeed, I have achieved all these years the needful experience to allow me to offer a precise and professional quality work today. In 2013, willing to stand on my own two feet, I leave Babolat and create my own customization company : GCC Tennis, which is now assisting all tennis players - including non-professional - in their carrier.

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