In each high level sports, you can find customization : skiing, cycling, pole vaulting, etc. This process consists in preparing and personalizing the materiel to adapt it to the player's game and make it unique for him. As far as tennis is concerned, customization will allow you to:


  • Optimize your performances and improve your game
  • Play in confidence with trusted materiel that you like
  • Obtain an identical serie of rackets
  • Prevent injuries

As we go along the years, our skills improve. This is when we realise how customization is important and essential in order to achieve a better game. The racket is the extension of the player's hand that is why it is vital to adapt it according to the person's physiology, game style and level. All these elements are different from one player to another. Stakes are huge as nowadays everybody use customization for their rackets.

All these parameters will transform your racket into a real weapon! According to me, there are two kinds of customization: simple and complex 


  • SIMPLE CUSTOMIZATION: correction of gaps between each racket in order to obtain a serie completely identical. For this, we work on weight and balance. When you buy rackets in a shop, they are all different: weight can vary from more or less 10 g -meaning up to 20 g between 2 rackets - and same for the balance which can vary between more or less 1 cm.

Ex: kim CLIJSTERS was playing with rackets specifications close from the commerce ones but in order to feel no difference between each racket, they had been customized to be idencally weithed and balanced.


  • COMPLEX CUSTOMIZATION: this process consists in modifying several parameters which will make your racket a unique one. For example:
    • weight: increase or decrease in weight in specific places in order to improve the player's feelings
    • balance: on the handle, on the head or neutral
    • handle size: modification of original size in order to fit with the hand morphology
    • tailor-made handle moulding : to reach exactly what the player is looking for
    • racket's lenght : increase of decrease in lenght
    • change of plastic items
    • strenghtening the handle
    • gripping
    • etc.


The tests on court allow the player to optimize the different parameters of his game. Follow our advices to make good choices in terms of:

  • Rackets
  • Grip size
  • Stringing
  • Tension
  • Etc.


Having a quality stringer for high level players is very important. Without a good string and a good tension, the racket won't work at its best. That is why GCC Tennis can help you to choose the right products and can offer a profesional stringing service as well.

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